James Cerone has been involved in the construction industry for his entire adult life. After graduating high school, he took a job doing concrete flatwork while attending Brockport State College near Rochester, NY. Two years later, he began doing roofing work as well. Throughout this time, he gained valuable experience in the construction industry from an on-the-ground perspective. As a gifted problem-solver, he ascertained the best way to deal with challenges as they occurred. In addition to learning to handle real-time crisis – just as importantly — he developed a pro-active approach, asserting pre-emptive measures to prevent incidents from happening in the first place.

At age 24 he found his place in North Carolina, where he helped turn a small sub-contracting firm into a multi-million-dollar, full-service construction company. Along the way, he oversaw dozens of projects in the Southeast from conception to completion. He spent fifteen years in disaster remediation. James also earned his lead, wind, and roofing inspection certifications. All of this led to an incredibly successful career, but he felt like something was missing. He’d grown tired of the hustle-and-bustle of big city life and needed a change-of-pace.

His opportunity presented itself in 2018, when he visited his uncle who lived in Nisland, South Dakota. James fell in love with the peaceful landscapes and atmosphere of the Black Hills. He decided to uproot himself from the East Coast and head west, bringing all his experience in the construction industry with him. Now, James is determined to use the knowledge and resources he’s gained through the years to meet the construction needs of Rapid City and the surrounding communities.